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    The practice of "Harambee" or "Kuchanga" has been around for hundreds of years,
    it's only recently that mobile technologies have been used to reduce costs and automate
    manual processes. Introducing the next massive step in this evolution! M-Changa.

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  • Transparent fundraising for people
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M-Changa turns traditional giving practice on its head, places it into hyper-drive and lets popular mobile technologies do the rest. So get ready! Whether you're fundraising on your Mobile Phone or Online, a personalized and automated start to finish fundraiser management experience awaits you!

Manage Your Fundraiser with Ease

M-Changa offers both online and mobile based fundraiser management options. With M-Changa you receive real-time alerts that allow you to monitor the progress of your fundraiser from start to finish. You can keep your donors informed of your fundraiser progress through M-Changa's robust group communication facilities.

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Thousands have used M-Changa to raise funds for causes close to them