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M-Changa is Africa's largest Online Fundraising Platform. We provide the most Secure, Transparent & Convenient way to raise funds in Kenya.

Our Fundraisers include: Medical, Funeral, Weddings, Churches, Businesses, Education, Projects, Sports, Construction & Disasters.

Here are the latest statistics on M-Changa:

  • Number of fundraisers: 51,974
  • Number of supporters: 1,070,182
  • Range of fundraiser totals: KES 250 to KES 8,027,630

For Fundraisers

M-Changa provides a platform for Transparent, Secure & Convenient fundraising.

  1. Fundraisers Register free on M-Changa at http://www.changa.co.ke/signup (fundraisers without internet access can register by dialling *483*57#)
  2. M-Changa provides a unique fundraising Sharepage, enabling Fundraisers to:
    1. Customise with their fundraiser with a Story, Pictures, Videos, Synonym & Targets
    2. Share their fundraiser using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS etc.
    3. Collect funds through M-Pesa, Airtel, Equitel, Visa, Mastercard & PayPal
  3. M-Changa secures fundraisers through; Human Expertise, Fundraiser Verification, Treasurer Controlled & Secure Technology
  4. Fundraisers can withdraw their funds anytime, provided the account is Verified and Treasurers have approved

For Contributors

  1. Contributor gets invited to the fundraiser (Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS etc.)
  2. Contributor visits the fundraiser Sharepage where they can:
    1. Learn more about the fundraiser (story, images, video, targets & progress)
    2. Make a Mobile Money contribution (M-Pesa, Airtel or Equitel)
    3. Make a Credit Card contribution (Visa, MasterCard or PayPal)
    4. Share the campaign using embedded Social Media widgets
  3. Automatic SMS / emails are sent to thank contributors, confirm their contribution and update them on fundraiser progress. These messages are often shared in WhatsApp to encourage further contributions.

More on Online Fundraisers here (www.changa.co.ke/online)

More on Mobile fundraisers here (www.changa.co.ke/mobile)

YouTube Explainer Video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EEh7pHpSCU)

Fundraiser registration is quick, easy and free. There are two ways to register:

  1. To register Online, visit https://secure.changa.co.ke/signup and follow the instructions
  2. To register using your Mobile, dial *483*57# and follow the instructions (recommended for fundraisers without internet access)

The safety of your funds is our top priority at M-Changa!

We combine the latest technology, human expertise and dedicated customer care to ensure funds raised on M-Changa are safe.

The M-Changa platform includes the following safety features:

  • M-Changa holds all funds in a secure account until withdrawal
  • All fundraisers must be Verified by our experts before being able to withdraw
  • Fundraisers nominate up to three treasurers who must approve withdrawals
  • All fundraising activity is transparent; the amount raised, number of contributors and fundraiser updates are publicly available online
  • Our Customer Care team are available to listen to any public concerns and follow up appropriately
  • You can withdraw your funds at any time, so long as your account is verified and your treasurers have approved

M-Changa has implemented best-of-class IT infrastructure and security including:

  • End-to-End Cloud Redundancy, which allows M-Changa to have no physical servers to maintain.
  • Transaction load balancing and multiple connections to tier-1 Internet providers, making a service outage very unlikely.
  • A full back-up of all software and databases are sent to a geographically different server over 12 times per day.
  • All M-Changa records and logs are maintained for seven years.
  • Industry standard SSL 256 Bit Public-Private Key Encryption has been enabled on all sensitive areas of M-Changa's website.
  • M-Changa does not store, or have access to, contributor credit card numbers.
  • M-Changa is PayPal Verified

Once you have raised at least KES 250, you can withdraw your funds provided the account is Verified. Funds can be withdrawn multiple times throughout your fundraiser.

  • Online Fundraisers: Click 'Withdraw' while logged into your account and follow the instructions.
  • Mobile Fundraisers: Dial *483*57*3# and follow the instructions.

You can withdraw your balance directly to your M-Pesa Wallet or EFT Bank Transfer. Withdrawals by Mobile Money take between 30 minutes to 4 hours for processing from Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 8PM, EFT Bank Transfers may take more time depending on the Bank.

For withdrawals on Sundays or Public holidays, please contact Customer Care in advance on 020-765-0919.

* Your fundraiser expiry date does not affect withdrawal.

* Withdrawing funds does not affect the progress meter displayed on your Sharepage.

There are two costs associated to your M-Changa fundraiser; Platform Fees and Withdrawal Fees.

A 4.25% Platform fee is charged on the total amount raised, at the time of withdrawal. In addition, donations made using Visa/MasterCard are charged at 2.5% while PayPal donations are charged at 5%.

Fundraisers receive 250 free SMS to update their supporters, the cost per SMS after this limit is KES 2 for an account with less than 1,000 donors, KES 1 for an account with 1,001 to 2,500 donors and 70 Cents for an account with 2,500 plus donors. For every contribution, M-Changa sends an automatic SMS to thank, confirm and update the contributor. These SMS are always FREE.

A Withdrawal fee is charged depending on the method of withdrawal. For M-Pesa withdrawals, standard M-Pesa transaction fee applies. EFT Bank Transfers below KES 500,000 are charged as follows: 2,000 - 20,000 KES 400, 20,001 - 50,000 KES 600, 50,001 - 500,000 KES 800 per transaction, and EFT Bank Transfers above 500,000 are FREE.

If you raise KES 50,000 using mobile money and withdraw to M-Pesa, the total you will receive is KES 47,760 after the 4.25% Platform fee (KES 2,125) and M-Pesa transfer fee (KES 105).

To ensure funds raised through M-Changa are not misappropriated, we take caution to ensure all fundraisers are Verified.

The Verification process includes:

  1. Identity Check
  2. Recorded Phone Survey
  3. Supporting Documents
  4. Treasurers
  5. Customer Care Review

We advise all fundraisers to get Verified as soon as possible to avoid account restrictions such as:

  1. Being unable to accept Credit Card Payments
  2. Being unable to withdraw funds

Fundraiser Verification depends on a number of factors and varies from one fundraiser to another. Our policies are being constantly updated for the safety of fundraiser and contributor funds, please contact our dedicated Customer Care team (020-765-0919) for further guidance on Verification.

Our platform was designed to give fundraisers the highest rate of success through convenience, security and transparency. When surveyed, over 80% of fundraisers believed they had raised more because of the platform.

Unfortunately, we can’t do your fundraising for you, but we will assist where we can! Here are some tips from M-Changa’s most successful fundraisers:

  • Map Your Network
    • Make a list of people who can help you promote your campaign
    • Make a list of people who live locally who might contribute
    • Make a list of people who live nationally who might contribute
    • Make a list of people who live internationally who might contribute

  • Individuals give when they are ASKED
    • Why do you need the funds? Give them a good reason to contribute
    • How will the funds be spent? Clearly explain exactly how funds will be spent
    • How much do you need to raise? ASK for a specific amount

  • Plan to use multiple communication channels – don't rely on social media alone!
    • E.g. Face-to-face, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Phone call, SMS etc.

  • Set SMART goals
    • S pecific
    • M easurable
    • A ctionable
    • R ealistic
    • T ime-Bound
E.g. Raising for a kidney operation at Kenyatta Hospital, need to raise KES 350,000 for the operation to be performed on 26th February.

  • Personalise your fundraiser page
    • Use your story, pictures and videos on your fundraiser page to show contributors more about your cause and make them more likely to give

  • Consider non-monetary benefits
    • Fundraising isn’t just about the money, sometimes people might not have funds available to give
    • Some people might offer their time to help you raise awareness
    • Some people might offer in-kind support such as transport

  • Make the most of free resources online:
    • Take a free online course on fundraising with our partner Philanthropy University: https://philanthropyu.org/courses
    • Hire a freelancer to help with your Social Media, try https://kuhustle.com or Fiverr.com
    • Find free, relevant articles and downloads at: http://www.nptechforgood.com/

  • If you're an organisation or a church, we have some wonderful local & international partners:
    • Check out some great organisations in Kenya: www.yetu.org, www.globalgiving.org, www.kcdy.or.ke, www.eaag.org and www.kafp.org
    • Register for a GlobalGiving Accelerator: www.globalgiving.org

What's the largest amount a donor can contribute to my fundraiser via mobile money?

Each mobile money donation is limited by maximum sending limits per transaction for each network (currently KES 150,000 on M-Pesa, Airtel Money and Equitel).

What is the maximum donation my fundraiser may receive via Stripe or PayPal?

Large donations are subject to security checks to protect your fundraiser and should not exceed the local currency equivalent of USD $10,000 per transaction, unless through prior agreement with M-Changa.

What happens if my supporter donates to the wrong account number/name?

M-Changa resolves many spelling mistakes automatically. However, where this is not possible, M-Changa endeavors to effect the correction as soon as possible and within 36 hours. If we are not able to effect the correction within 30 days, and the donation is above KES 100 (USD 1), M-Changa will refund the donation. If the donation is below KES100 (USD 1) M-Changa will direct the donation to a verified charity on the platform.

May my supporters request a refund after they donate?

Yes, provided that the funds have not already been withdrawn. Fundraisers are alerted via SMS/phone with each refund request.

May I mass refund my supporters if my fundraiser stalls?

Refunds to supporters can be done at cost to the fundraiser owner. Refund charges for credit card transactions are USD 20 per transaction if not done within 20 days of the transaction. For mobile money donations, refunds are the KES equivalent of the standard mobile money transfer fee for the amount. To request a mass refund contact customer care.

How long may I run my Fundraiser?

Your fundraiser can run indefinitely!
By default, all campaigns begin with a 30-day expiration date. Once the 30 days has ended, your fundraiser Sharepage will display “0 days left”, however you will be able to continue fundraising as normal.
We advise fundraisers running for longer than 30 days to extend their duration. For Online fundraisers this can be done by logging into the web portal. For Mobile fundraisers, this can be done by contacting customer care on 0207650919.

May I start more than one fundraiser?

For Mobile fundraisers, there can only be one ACTIVE fundraiser per phone line at a time.
For Online fundraisers, there can only be one ACTIVE fundraiser per email address at a time.
If you are fundraising for more than one cause at a time, you should register using different email addresses. You may also be eligible to start your own M-Changa Community (visit: http://changa.co.ke/community/).

Will M-Changa ever charge my fundraiser fees without warning me first?

No. We will always let you know before a fee is charged.

How much will it cost to send a group message to all contributors within a fundraiser?

For Mobile and Online fundraisers, the first 250 messages you send are completely FREE of charge. Thereafter, each SMS you send costs KES 2 for an account with less than 1,000 donors, KES 1 for an account with 1,001 to 2,500 donors and 70 Cents for an account with 2,500 plus donors.

Does M-Changa Support EFT Transactions as a method of withdrawal?

EFT withdrawals are only available for Online fundraisers
EFT transactions are free of charge for amounts over KES 500,000.
EFT transactions cost: 2,000 - 20,000 KES 400, 20,001 - 50,000 KES 600, 50,001 - 500,000 KES 800 per transaction.

Minimum EFT transaction amount KES 2,000 M-Changa Platform fee is 4.25% of the Total Amount Collected + EFT Charges

Are there restrictions when withdrawing money from my fundraiser?

You may withdraw your funds at any time provided your balance exceeds KES 250.00
**Credit Card donations made to fundraisers in some circumstances will require additional validation, this may cause a delay in your withdrawal until the validation is complete

How fast will I get my money when I withdraw?

You will receive your money between 30 minutes to 4 hours for mobile money withdrawals. For EFTs, for local (KE) transactions you will receive your funds on the same day provided your withdrawal request is made before 8:00PM (EAT) Monday to Friday and excluding public holidays. Any requests after this time will be processed the next day. *delays that are beyond M-Changa control (ie bank EFT transfer windows or network operator platform availability) can add significantly to the time it takes for you to receive your money

What does M-Changa need to know about my fundraiser?

M-Changa and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including Changa Labs, have an obligation to carry out due diligence procedures on both individuals and organizations who utilize our services. These procedures are done to keep the platform safe for our customers, though it is ultimately up to the customer to decide if a given cause is worthy of contribution or engagement.
In keeping with our terms of service we will routinely collect information for international anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorism funding (CFT) compliance purposes based on fundraiser transaction volume, transaction value and other criteria as required. This information may include identification documentation, recorded interviews, as well as sworn statements. M-Changa’s customer care will contact you in advance of each requirement and explain in detail how to comply with the relevant due diligence.

M-Changa Values

M-Changa's mission is to empower fundraising for Kenyans, by Kenyans. Transparency is extremely important to us and guides us in all activities. You can find details about our policies by clicking on the links below:
Our Commitment to Transparency, Fraud Prevention, and Excellence. 
Fundraiser & Contributor Bill of Rights
Fundraiser Rights and Responsibilities for Credit Card Transactions


M-Changa is a content neutral provider of mobile alerts, fundraising applications, and related services. As such, M-Changa does not endorse any product, service, political party, or viewpoint. M-Changa reserves the right to monitor content on its systems and remove any that in its sole opinion M-Changa finds misleading, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate.

Prohibited Fundraisers

Fundraiser owners are not allowed to raise funds for illegal activities, to cause harm to people or property, or to scam others. Fundraiser campaigns must comply with applicable laws and regulations in connection with their campaigns. Fundraiser owners shall not make any false or misleading statements in connection with their campaigns. Fundraiser owners are prohibited from engaging in impersonation, copyright and patent infringement of any kind. Fundraising for political purposes directly related to election events are strictly prohibited as per the laws of the Republic of Kenya.

Terms of Use

To read detailed terms and conditions for M-Changa please see our Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

Once approved, you're fundraiser may automatically qualify to be published on changa.co.ke. At anytime you may request to have your fundraiser "not listed" or removed from changa.co.ke by contacting support@changa.co.ke For more details see the M-Changa privacy policy. Privacy Policy