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Yetu Initiative

The Yetu Initiative supports Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Kenya through local resource mobilisation, guidance & training and extensive knowledge in local philanthropy. Yetu is the ideal way for CSOs to:

  1. Promote their cause online through storytelling
  2. Develop their skills in local resource mobilisation
  3. Collect local and international donations through mobile money and credit card

4 Simple Steps

Step 1. Register Online with M-Changa

Click Sign Up to get started or Web Fundraiser

  1. Fill in the free online application, select “Civil Society” as the fundraiser type
  2. Activate your fundraiser with a test payment of KES 10
  3. Verify your email address

Step 2. Apply to Yetu Initiative

M-Changa will send you an email inviting you to join the Yetu Initiative.

  1. Send an email to apply@yetu.org including a link to your fundraiser page
  2. Include a short description of why you would like to be a part of Yetu Initiative
  3. Provide your fundraising targets for the next six months

Step 3. Fundraise

Yetu Initiative will review your application and get in touch, meanwhile:

  1. Verify your fundraiser by adding treasurers and providing your document of registration
  2. Personalise your fundraiser with a story, pictures, videos and targets
  3. Start inviting your friends, relatives, work colleagues etc. to start donating

Step 4. Update donors & withdraw funds

Yetu Initiative will review your application and get in touch, meanwhile:

  1. Keep your donors up to date with your fundraising activity and funds will be used
  2. Thank your donors for helping your reach your goals
  3. Withdraw your funds and put them to good use

Recommended links for Organisations

To learn more about the Yetu Initiative - www.yetu.org

To learn more about online fundraising - www.changa.co.ke/online

To learn more about M-Changa Communities - www.changa.co.ke/community