Our Commitment to Transparency, Fraud Prevention, and Excellence

Mission: “Our mission is to empower fundraising for Kenyans, by Kenyans. Fast. Cheap. Reliable.”

a. Our Commitment:
  • “We are committed to changing the way Kenyans and Africans fundraise and give reciprocally. Through the age-old practice of “Changa” we utilize technology to provide individuals, informal groups, organizations, and businesses a comprehensive solution to the challenges associated with the reality of fundraising today. With a 360 degree fundraising experience, our fundraising platform is like no other - we enable organizers to be more transparent, collect funds in a more efficient manner and make it easier for them to communicate and engage their contributors.”
b. Our Values: At M-Changa, our value system stems from the following:
  • Power of the Collective – We believe that success is a direct result of cooperation. Simply put, you can achieve more when you work in a group than when you work alone.
  • Integrity – >We adhere to ethical principles of fundraising, whereby we are honest, transparent and accountable and promote these values as the key to successful fundraising. We use technology and human intelligence to be transparent about our company and your fundraisers.
  • Excellence – We challenge ourselves to provide the best service to our customers through innovative solutions and a focus on customer service. This means we listen to you and regularly build new features and capacities in order to ensure our customers reach their goals.
c. Our Transparency: At M-Changa, we want to facilitate cost effective, reliable and transparent fundraisers. Transparency is the DNA of our mission. And because transparency is the DNA of our company, we walk the walk, and talk the talk. The following statistics shed light about our company:
  • Number of fundraisers: 49,342
  • Number of supporters: 958,484
  • Range of fundraiser totals: KES 250 to KES 31,842,032
Top 3 uses of our platform: Education fees, medical fees, and funerals