Our Commitment to Transparency, Fraud Prevention, and Excellence

Fundraiser Rights and Responsibilities for Credit Card Transactions

Common types of debit and credit card fraud:
  • Card duplication which allows for most types of unauthorized purchases.
  • Unauthorized purchases over the internet, phone or mail resulting from a lost or stolen credit card.
  • Identity theft which can often result in new credit accounts opened fraudulently.
  • M-Changa policies for fraudulent Credit Card transactions / donations Accepting donations via credit card requires Verification of you or your organization as the ultimate recipient of the funds in the account.

    Our policy regarding chargebacks is zero tolerance. If we receive a chargeback notice from you or your credit card company, your services with us will be suspended immediately along with any accrued balances from prior or ongoing fundraising activity pending investigation.

    In order to reinstate your services and access any accrued balances, you will need to pay the balance due on your account in addition to a $50 chargeback fee. Balance due includes the transactions charged back in addition to any future chargebacks.

    M-Changa security experts are here to help

    30 point Transaction Verification – M-Changa strives to ensure that donations made to your campaign are legitimate. We look at 30 key authentication verifiers with each credit card donation made to our platform.

    Fundraiser Fraud Early Warning — If there’s any unusual credit card donation activity in your fundraiser, such as country of origin being from a ‘flagged’ country, or an unusually large donation, we’ll contact you and the donor to verify the donation.

    Fundraiser Transaction Security — Our specialists are available by phone to address any unusual activity you may notice on your fundraiser. Call +254 20 765 0919.

    Your responsibilities for Credit Card Transactions

    M-Changa may provide or suggest security procedures and controls intended to reduce the risk to you of fraud (“Security Controls”). These Security Controls may include processes or applications that are developed by M-Changa and/or by third parties.

    Disabling or failing to properly use Security Controls increases your exposure to unauthorized Card transactions. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the use of lost or stolen data that is used to donate to your fundraiser. M-Changa will not be liable for losses resulting from use of lost or stolen data with the Service

    Acting fast limits your liability for fraudulent donations to your fundraiser. Report any suspicious donation activity immediately If you receive communication from a suspicious donor, let us know immediately. If you receive a donation from an individual or organization whom you do not know, or are unable to communicate with, let us know immediately