Our Commitment to Transparency, Fraud Prevention, and Excellence

Fundraiser & Contributor Bill of Rights

M-Changa believes that all customers - either a fundraiser originator or contributor - deserves the right to a fair, equitable, and reliable fundraising platform. To ensure this, we believe a fundraiser has obligations, a donor has an obligation, and M-Changa has an obligation.

M-Changa’s Commitment

“At M-Changa, we are committed to using technology and data driven intelligence to help Kenyans succeed in creating, communicating, and mobilizing successful fundraisers that are authentic and effective.”

We use a 30-point due diligence system for fraud prevention and risk management, customer service, and maximum user experience. This means that our Customer Service and Fraud Prevention team reviews each transaction, campaign story, and feedback from contributors and social networks.

How do we do this?
  • Human intelligence: We interview each donor and contributor to authenticate fundraisers.
  • Technology: Our technology systems automatically detect any fraud or abuse of our platform
  • Community: Our hotline is open for any cross-checking of campaign authenticity
Fundraiser Expectations and Obligations

Transparency: Create a fundraiser using our fundraiser tips - use powerful stories, share pictures and videos, and talk about the fundraiser goals and achievements. But be transparent with your organization - if you’re asking your friends and family to support you, make sure you’re telling the truth and not a story you think they want to hear.

Communicate: Tell your stroty with SMS, word of mouth, and social media. Be reachable to your donors through phone, SMS, email, and social media. Answer questions from your donors. Update your story and show your donors that you are reliable. Use the technology: The power of M-Changa is the ability to capitalize on the viral effect. Mobilize your social network, and even people you may not know! Our product allows you to tell your story through social media, mapping technology, and message boards. Show accountability by creating a credible fundraiser that has oversight by a committee.

Donor Obligation

Learn about the fundraiser: Read about the campaign story, use the internet and social media to confirm the authenticity, and don’t fall into any traps of promotions or alarms about the fundraiser.

Tell us: Communicate with us if there are any concerns about the fundraiser. If there is a fundraiser for a wedding, and you know the wedding happened six months ago, tell us and we will use our 30 point due diligence system to suspend the campaign. We take this seriously.

Understand the risks: Know that contributing to a fundraiser can be rewarding, but there is a risk to supporting a non-transparent and fraudulent fundraiser. All contributions are voluntary. We will do everything that we commit to doing for creating transparent and reliable fundraisers, but it can be a risk. Learn about your Rights and Responsibilities here.