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Mobile Fundraisers

As Mobile fundraiser is perfect for individuals without regular internet access. This type of fundraiser is best suited to Harambe type fundraising e.g. medical fees, school fees, weddings & funerals.

3 Simple Steps

Step 1. Register

To create your fundraiser account and begin raising money for your cause:
  • Save *483*57#
  • Dial *483*57#

Step 2. Share

To share your fundraiser to your supporters via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or SMS:
  • Dial *483*57#
  • Select Share My Fundraiser

Manage your fundraiser

To add treasurer's, check fundraiser status, view statement, access your fundraiser page, withdraw or end fundraiser simply:
  • Dial *483*57#
  • Select Manage My Fundraiser

Why Choose M-Changa

✔ Best Value

Fundraisers pay 4.25% (KES 425 every KES 10,000 raised). This allows us to keep the platform free for your donors, as well as to sustain & improve the platform to help fundraisers raise more, faster.

✔ Automatic Fundraiser Acceleration

Let the technology assist you! M-Changa will automatically invite your supporters to share and promote your fundraiser be giving rewards such as airtime and recognition.

✔ Local Customer Support

Our team of experts are available to support you 6 days a week through email, phone & social media. For contact information click here.

✔ Mobile & Card Payments

Every fundraiser can easily collect donations through multiple payment channels including Safaricom Paybill, Equitel, Airtel, Visa, MasterCard & PayPal. This means you can raise money both locally and internationally on one platform.

✔ Create Awareness

Fundraiser Sharepages are visible online for anyone in the world to see. Sharepages can be personalised with stories, pictures, videos & targets. M-Changa makes it easy to promote fundraisers across multiple channels including Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp.

✔ Security & Trust

We combine technology, human expertise and community to minimise the risk of funds being misused. Security features include treasurers, fundraiser verification and secure banking & reporting systems.

✔ Transparency

Transparency is an important aspect of fundraising since it inspires trust. M-Changa makes it easy for donors to see fundraising goals and updates.